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Hydrastone Lined Indirect Water Heater


TP Tank[residential]

Factory Installed, Field Removable Heat Exchanger!

  • Easy installation & servicing
  • Seamless hydrastone cement lining provides long prodcut life
  • Industry’s lowest stand-by heat loss reduces opering costs

  1. O-Ring Gasket Design
    • Eliminates installation guesswork
    • Simplifies coil replacement
  2. Insulation
    • 2´´ thick polyurethane foam completely surrounds tank increasing efficiency and significantly reducing heat loss
  3. Advanced Heat Exchanger
    • Windings concentrated in the bottom of the tank improves recovery time
    • Greater differential improves Heat Exchanger efficiency by 20%
  4. Hydrastone Cement Lining
    • A seamless ½´´ thick cement lining is impervious to any adverse water conditions, and is proven to be the most effective method of preventing tank failure due to corrosion
  5. Unique Cold Water Diffuser
    • Constantly washes the Heat Exchanger reducing mineral build-up by 50%
    • Counter flow design increases Heat Exchanger output by more than 20%
  6. Electric Thermostat
    • Improves temperature accuracy within 2°
    • Eliminates temperature overshooting
    • LED indicator displays current operating mode