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Protect and Prevent

Freez AlarmFreeze Alarms

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home or cabin is protected by the world’s #1 remote monitoring products. 

FreezeAlarm offers the best protection for your home, cabin or business, plus the convenience to remotely turn up the heat or air conditioning with a phone call! 

In addition to calling up to three phone numbers if the temperature gets too low, or the power goes out, the Deluxe FreezeAlarm can also call if the temperature gets too high, if you have a water leak or flood or if an intruder has entered the premises.

Water Alarm Plus: 

water-alarmWater is one of the most common and expensive problems in homes and businesses. Sump pump overflow, leaking pipes or hoses from appliances, or just plain leaky basements can cause thousands of dollars in headaches.

Keep those headaches away with the WaterAlarm Plus!  The WaterAlarm Plus will automatically call any phone number and sound an audible alarm, so you can rest assured your home won’t be damaged when you return home.

Sueco Fuel can handle all your new or existing equipment monitoring  needs – [ Contact Us ] for more information

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